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Please could you turn up from 7.30 onwards. We are asking all Anglers not to go down to the lakes or drop your kit off until you have registered and checked into the Tearoom reception where you get your ticket. We will require your name, telephone number and postcode for the NHS track and trace system. Once you're registered then you can take your car over the bridge to the Anglers carpark. Please do not drive down the private Log Cabin road to take your kit down or pick up after your day. Please note Waterloo Lake is suitable for ages 12 and above. We do not allow anybody younger than 12 to sit at the water/ walk around the water/ or sit with another angler even if they’re not intending to fish. We do not allow visitors to join you at the lake unless pre arranged with staff (this is limited to 1 per angler). We have a vcery strict rule of ONE rod per angler at any time and absolutely NO BARBED Hooks (no matter how small). We would ask all customers to please read the rules and regulations before your arrival as you are responsible for adhering to the rules. If anybody is caught breaking the rules you will be asked to leave site immediately.

Please use 07914401059 for all telephone enquiries & booking.

  1. Park your car in the TEAROOM carpark to check in. The conservatory door will be open, please follow the queue system and distancing marked out and note only 2 customers will be allowed in at any one time. Face coverings are advised to be worn on entering the tearoom. If you are dining you may take it off when you're seated at your table.
  2. Strictly ANGLERS ONLY, NO non-fishing guests or spectators allowed at all and NO visiting allowed anywhere around the fishing lakes or site.
  3. Anglers must stay on their peg. Please do not move pegs or move around the fishery at all. Strictly NO gatherings of friends etc.
  4. A valid Environment Agency licence is always required to fish our waters.
  5. Please take ALL YOUR RUBBISH home during this time it will reduce the potential spread of the virus (if affected).
  6. Pre Booked Matches only will be honored, so long as they strictly comply with Angling Trust and government guidelines.
  7. Lake opening hours will be 7.30am – 6.30pm only. Please DO NOT turn up earlier than 7.30 as you will not be admitted to site.

PEG FEE'S as follows;

Waterloo Lake- Adult (16+) £8.00

Junior(12-15)/Pensioner(65+) £6.00

JUNIOR LAKE - Adult £6.00

Junior- £4

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you all again soon! Stay safe!


Our Fishery

Waterloo is comprised of three lakes, each built for a different purpose. Waterloo, Wellington, and the Junior Lake.

Our original Waterloo fishing lake has 35 well spaced pegs and is available for pleasure anglers and club match bookings. This picturesque lake has a variety of species including carp to 25lbs+, mirror, common and true crucian carp, as well as tench, chubb, and barbel.

Our Junior is a smaller 12 peg lake designed especially for juniors and beginners, aged 8 and above, it provides the perfect environment to learn to fish with good guidance. Fishing lessons can be also booked with Bob Woodley, which you can call and discuss with him on 07961963765.

Wellington Lake was a purpose built match fishing lake but has been converted into a private lake for tourers in 2013.

With 15 extra large caravan pitches directly adjacent to the water's edge, it is perfect for those who wish to come and stay with us and enjoy a fishing holiday.

The feedback from those fishing on the lakes has been very positive and we have had bags of 100lbs plus being caught.

There is secure parking close to the lake, so it is never too far to go to get to your peg. But if you're enjoying yourself, why not book a weekend visit, with a range of accommodation options if you wish to turn your day into a stay.

Angler Rules at Waterloo Farm Leisure

  • Anglers may fish from sunrise until sunset - our security lights are a good indicator.
  • All day tickets must be purchased on arrival before commencing fishing, with addition of your name, telephone number and postcode for NHS track& trace.
  • All anglers are permitted to use ONLY one rod at any time. Anyone found fishing with multiple rods will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Anglers aged between 12 and 14 years old must be accompanied by an experienced angler unless prior experience. Anglers under the age of 12 must use the Junior Lake, and be accompanied by an experienced angler.
  • Barbless hooks must be used. All other hook types are NOT permitted. NO BRAID.
  • Pleasure anglers are not permitted to use keepnets - the 'catch and release' system is in operation.
  • A landing net and unhooking mat must be used at all times.
  • All soft hook carp pellets are permitted. Other baits also permitted are corn, luncheon meat, maggots, castors, cheese, worms, hemp, and bread. 
  • Permitted baits are not allowed to be floating on the surface. This is for the safety of the fish and wildlife on the lakes.
  • No large boilies, or cat and dog food are allowed. 
  • Anglers must only fish from their given peg. Use of another vacant peg is prohibited. Please do not move to different pegs throughout the day. 
  • Please keep our site clean - remove any leftover bait and rubbish from your peg and dispose of it in the refuse bins provided.
  • There are toilet facilities provided for your use, please use the tearoom during open hours. After that, the anglers toilet over the bridge is open to use.
  • Dogs are not permitted with anglers on Waterloo Lake unless on a lead at all times & to be cleaned up after using bins provided.
  • NO CHILDREN ARE ALLOWED AT THE WATERS EDGE even if they are not fishing, 12 years old and above only.


Standard Adult Ticket (16 years - 64 years) - £8

Concession Ticket (65 years and over) - £6

Junior Ticket (12 years - 15 years) - £6

Afternoon Ticket (Available from 1pm - 6.30) - £6

Expert angling tuition is available:








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